This cool dog is Snow.  Snow is a 6 yr old female White Boxer.  Many people think that White Boxers are rare.  The real reason White Boxers are rare is because many breeders kill the white puppies at birth.  They do this because AKC says that you cannot breed or show white boxers.  Its not always good to be white. 
Snow came to live with us Dec 1999.  She came from the Denver Dumb Friends League.  She was 5 yrs old when she came home.  We have found her to be a perfectly nice dog with very few behavior problems.  The only behavior challenges that we have with Snow is that she refuses to lay down and she jumps when people come to the door.
This is Chato.  Chato also came to us from an area shelter.  This time is was the Colorado Humane Society.  Chato was 5 months old when he came home.  Chatos birthday is in June.  Yes a pure bred puppy from a shelter.  You will not get AKC papers on a pure bred you get from a shelter but you will get to save the life of a great dog or cat.
This is Azure.  Azure will be 10 years old Sept 2000.  She also came from the Denver Dumb Friends League almost 10 years ago.  She was a kitten when she came home and is not pleased about us having dogs. 
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